Over the last few years, we have heard a lot about the governmental trying novel ways to encourage people to purchase electric vehicles.  In addition to tax rebates, some states are implementing regulations that would limit the sale of gas powered vehicles.

The leader of the concept has been California.  The state of California is planning to completely ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

Now, it looks like Maine could be following in California's footsteps.

According to WABI, on December 21, the Board of Environmental Protection will review a proposal that would put limits on the number of new gas and diesel powered vehicles that could be sold in the state of Maine each year.

If the board chooses to adopt the regulations, the new standards would go into effect in 2027.  They would incrementally limit the percentage of new of gas-powered vehicles that could be sold in the state each year.  If approved, the standards would go into effect for 2027.  The plan calls for 82% of new vehicles sold in Maine to be fully electric by model year 2032.

The good news is that, for now, the plan would not ban gas or diesel vehicles.  As long as those vehicles are still able to pass inspection, you could continue to use them.

Also, these new standards would not apply to larger vehicles or commercial vehicles.  So no, you won't have to be concerned that you need to upgrade that Freightliner or Volvo tractor to an EV rig.

Of course, many people have concerns about the feasibility of the new standards.  In addition to the concerns about manufacturers keeping up with the demand in growth for EVs, there are concerns about Maine's geography causing problems with the vehicles.

Shahzin Shajid via unsplash
Shahzin Shajid via unsplash

Outside of urban Southern Maine, the state is very rural.  Much of Maine is small communities linked by secondary roads.  Because of the distances traveled by some of our residents, there are concerns about the range of the vehicles.

Some people have also brought up the fact that the battery that runs an EV's motor is the same one that powers the heaters.  Throughout Maine and most of New England, we have some brutally cold winters.  There are concerns that driving the vehicles in extremely cold temperatures could lead to a drain on the battery that would reduce the vehicle's range.

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