The treasurer for the State of Maine announced today that the state was holding $273 million in unclaimed money.  Some of it could be yours.

According to WMTW, the $273,000,000 consists of money and other financial assets that are considered lost or abandoned because the organization holding the money (bank, credit card companies, employers, etc) cannot locate the owner after a period of inactivity.

For example, a person abandons a bank account that still has money in it.  Or, a person leaves a job but never returns to get their last paycheck.

It does not cost anything to search the database or file a claim.

In fact, I searched my name and found that I have money coming to me.  The entire process took about three minutes.

Search the database and file any claims HERE

10 Maine Museums

Do you love learning new things? Why not visit one of Maine's incredible museums? Here are 9 very unique museums that are probably less than a two hour drive from where you are now. Please Note: Some of these museums may still have limited hours or COVID-19 restrictions. So, please call ahead (check their website) and be prepared.

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