Over the weekend, a group of ice carousel enthusiasts managed to take the title of world's largest ice carousel.

According to News Center Maine, the Northern Maine Ice Busters managed to take the title by creating a spinning ice disk that is 1,776 feet in diameter.

The article goes on to explain that the ice disk covers about 56 acres, and it weighs in at about 140,000 tons. The carousel made a full revolution within 2.5 hours Saturday afternoon during the group's second attempt of the day.

After spending most of the morning using chainsaws to cut a massive disk out of the Long Lake ice sheet, they went to work on getting the disk to spin.  It was not an easy process.  They used ten motors, including one from a potato harvester.  Despite their best efforts, they were only able to get the disk to move a few feet.


Their spirits would not be broken, though.  They decided to give it another go after lunch.  In the end, they were able to get the disk to spin.

The previous record holders were a group from Finland.  Their massive ice carousel measured 1,692 feet.

Check out this video of the feat:

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