One of the cool (literally) things about New Englanders is that we are not really bothered by the cold.  Yes, we may prefer summer to winter, but it does not mean we are going to hide inside during the winter.  We embrace winter activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, and snowboarding.

Of course, when we are done with those activities, we like to have a couple of drinks.  Sometimes, we get our drink-on outside.

That's one of the reasons why ice bars are so popular throughout New England.

One of the best known ice bars is at Rockport's Samoset Resort, but there are others throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the rest of the New England states.

For example, a Skowhegan bar is getting geared up for their annual ice bar.

According to a Facebook event page, Unwined is bringing back their ice bar for Somerset Snowfest.

The ice bar will be open from 4 to 9 PM on Friday, February 23, and from noon to 9 PM on Saturday, February 24.  It sounds as though they'll be set up outside their Skowhegan Main Street location.  They'll be featuring some drink specials in honor of Somerset Snowfest.

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What is Somerset Snowfest?

Somerset Snowfest is a week-long winter carnival that features a mixture of family and adult events.

There'll be a kickoff party at Bigelow Brewing Company on February 16.  There'll be a kids sled derby, a kite festival, an ice hole tournament, a downhill kayak race, and an ice-fishing derby.

Of course, the most unique event will be the Skijor competition.

Get more details from the Somerset Snowfest website.

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