Believe it or not, Maine is now in the minority when it comes to a certain vehicular law.

Only 15 states, including Maine, require some kind of regular vehicle safety inspection.  Depending on the state, these need to be done either annually or bi-annually.

Thanks to a new law in Texas, that number will soon be 14.  Beginning in January of 2025, most drivers in the Lone Star State will no longer be required to have their vehicle inspected on a regular basis.  There will, however, be a few exceptions to that rule.  Certain counties will still require emissions tests.

What about Maine?  Will we ever ditch the vehicle inspection requirement?

At this point, it is not looking good.

Every few years, lawmakers introduce a bill that would eliminate the requirement.  Each time this has happened, the bill has been squashed.   The most recent attempt to change the laws came in early 2023.

In February of 2023, Senator Eloise Vitelli (D-Arrowsic) introduced LD 746.  While this version of the law would not get rid of the vehicle inspection requirement, it would make it biennial.  So instead of requiring inspections to be done every year, it would require that they be done every other year.

Sadly, for people hoping for a change in the laws, the bill was declared dead in April of 2023.

According to WGME, proponents of the proposed law changes argue that it is only kept around to make the auto mechanic industry money.

Opponents, including many mechanics, say the annual requirement allows them to make sure a vehicle is safe to be on the road.  The inspections ensure that a vehicle’s tires, brakes, signal lights, and more are in working order.  Ultimately, this saves lives.

In some ways, we already took a break from vehicle inspection requirements.  If you remember, during the pandemic, those in need of vehicle inspections and registrations were given a grace period that lasted months.

What is your opinion on our vehicle inspection laws?  Would you like to see them change?  Why or why not?  Let us know your thoughts by sending us a message inside our app.

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