As of Wednesday, October 25th, dozens of new laws are in effect here in the State of Maine.

Many of these laws only affect a small portion of the population.  For example, there is a new law that allows vehicles collecting recycling to be equipped with auxiliary lights.  There is also a new law that allows restaurants to allow customers to bring their own bottles of wine in so they can drink it with dinner.  Of course, that law also allows the restaurant to charge diners a fee of up to $100 to bring in their own bottles.  Because of that, I have a feeling we won't see this happen all that much.



What About New Laws For Maine Drivers?

There are a few.

The one that has gotten a lot of press over the last few days is an update to the "Slow Down, Move Over" law.  The law now applies law enforcement making traffic stops, construction vehicles, and vehicles that are disabled.  If you are caught violating the law, you could face a nearly $300 fine.

The other big vehicle-related law is aimed at procrastinators and lazy people.



You Now Have To Clean The Snow & Ice Off You Car In Maine

The other law that pertains to drivers, and has not really gotten a lot of press, involves making sure your vehicle is completely cleaned off during the winter.

According to the KJ, “An Act to Require That 10 Motor Vehicles Be Clear of Snow When Operated on Public Ways” requires drivers of passenger vehicles to take reasonable action to clean off their vehicles during the winter.

Yes, you can no longer just clean off a small section of your windshield.  You also can no longer leave an iceberg on the roof of your car, truck, or SUV.

Commercial vehicles, like tractor-trailers, are exempt from this law.

Fine for a first offense is $50.  You could end up paying as much as $250 for subsequent offenses.

You can read the whole law HERE

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