Meteorologists have been warning us for months that, because of El Nino, we were likely to have a storm-filled winter.  Many have predicted an almost nonstop series of snow storms and Nor'easters.  Quite a departure from what we have gotten used to over the last few winters.

Well, it is starting to look like that is what we have to look forward to this winter.

We got our first real taste of winter on Sunday night and Monday.  You really couldn't call it a snowstorm.  At least that was the case here in Central Maine.  We got a few inches of snow and some nastiness.  Nothing major.

Then, we had a few days of really nice weather, but now it looks like we have another storm on the way.  It is starting to look like the storm will smack us on Sunday.  Because of the temperatures, this storm will be less about snow and more about rain.

According to WGME, we'll kick off the weekend with decent weather.  Much of Maine will see sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-30s on Friday.  Saturday will be cloudy, but the temperatures will be in the mid-40s.

The WGME meteorologists are predicting that much of the day on Sunday will be nice, too. The nastiness will start rolling into Maine in the late afternoon.

It will start with a few showers, but quickly escalate.  The storm will bring heavy rain to most of the state.  The mountains, however, could see some mixed precipitation or snow.  The storm will be accompanied by strong winds.  Inland, we could see 40 MPH gusts.  On the coast, the gusts could reach speeds of 54 MPH.


There are some concerns that the storm could cause some significant power outages.

The storm should exit our area by Monday morning.

What about the rest of New England?  Coastal Massachusetts will have a very wet and windy Sunday.  Lots of rain and strong winds, too.  Coastal New Hampshire can expect the rain and wind to roll in Sunday afternoon.

Of course, the storm is still a few days out, so there is a chance it could change.

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