Even though Mainers have been the target of scammers for years, the problem seems to have gotten a lot worse in recent years.

Hardly a week goes by that we don't hear about some new scam targeting the residents of our state.

Of course, technology has made the problem even worse.  Between the hackers, debit card skimmers, and artificial intelligence deepfakes of your loved ones, scammers are trying to target all aspects of your life.

Recently, investigators in Maine announced that they had busted a "sophisticated" fraud scheme.

According to a WABI article, the Hancock Sheriff's Department arrested two men from Texas who had been posing as McAfee Antivirus Protection employees.

The article explains that 36-year-old Kozaa Burns and 38-year-old Laterrion Taylor allegedly hacked into a computer system and told the targets that they had accidentally been refunded $30,000.

It appears that the intended target of the scam reached out to the Hancock County Sheriff's Department instead of paying the men the $30,000.

Members of the sheriff's department set up a meeting with Burns and Taylor.  The alleged scammers showed up expecting to be paid, but were instead arrested.

They have been charged with criminal conspiracy and criminal attempt.

The two are reportedly being held at the Hancock County Jail.

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