Just a few decades ago, each season had its own "thing".  Winter was cold and snowy, spring was warm and muddy, summer was hot and sunny, and fall was sunny and cooler.  Now, it feels like all of the seasons are just bunched up.  We're getting snow (and other winter weather) into May and we're getting the occasional eighty degree day in early October.

This winter and spring have been no exception to that rule.  We had our last taste of snow just a few weeks ago.

Now, it looks like New England is going to get a taste of summer temps in the next week or so.

According to Weather.com, parts of Maine and New Hampshire will get a taste of summer temperatures this coming week.

In the Augusta / Waterville area, we'll see temperatures steadily climb through the first part of next week.  A high of 67 on Monday (May 9th) and a high of 69 on Tuesday (May 10th).  It will be partly sunny with a high in the mid-70s by Wednesday (May 11th).  On Thursday, we'll see highs in the low 70s and rain.


In the central part of New Hampshire, it will be even warmer.  They'll have a high around 69 degrees on Monday, a high in the mid-70s on Tuesday, and a high in the upper 70s (or lower 80s) on Wednesday.

It will significantly cooler on both the coast of New Hampshire and Maine.

Of course, we are still over a week out, so these forecasts could change.  We'll do our best to keep you updated.

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