The members of our police departments see some strange things during the course of their workdays, but we are pretty sure this is one of the oddest things that they have ever encountered.

According to a post on the Berwick Police Department Facebook page, they are looking for information about an abandoned school bus.

The post explains that the bus was found, still running, at the intersection of Worcester Road and Pine Hill Road.

The side of the bus, which is number 165, is marked "Bridgewater-Raynham".  A quick internet search leads us to believe the bus is from a school district in the area of Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

A further search finds no mention of any of the district's buses being stolen.

It is important to note that even though the side of the bus is marked "Bridgewater-Raynham", that does not necessarily indicate that the bus is still active in that school system.  It is possible that the bus was sold, but never repainted.

If you have any information about the bus, they are asking people to call Detective Shisler at 207.698.1136 and select option 1.

Thomas Park / Unsplash
Thomas Park / Unsplash

Some of the comments on the Berwick Police Department's Facebook page are priceless.

For example, one commenter said:

I'm a bus driver. I feel like this somedays...I feel this photo in my soul.

Another commenter pointed out:

As others have noticed there's no stop sign so don't know that this bus was in action but I do believe it has broken down due to the liquid running from under it

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