There is no doubt that Maine's emergency dispatchers and first responders have some of the toughest jobs in the world.  They typically have to deal with people at the worst times in their lives.  And, because of their sense of duty, they do the best they can to help these people.

Because of this, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to "prank" our 9-1-1 dispatchers.

But, that's exactly what police in the coastal Maine community of Belfast are investigating.

According to WABI, dispatch received a call from a man claiming he had shot and killed his brother at about 5:30 on Saturday evening.  During the time that police were en route, dispatchers say they heard another gunshot on the line.  The man reportedly told dispatchers that he would not come out when police arrived.  He also told them that he was still armed.

Max Fleischmann / Unsplash
Max Fleischmann / Unsplash

When police arrived at the address, they helped everyone get out of the house.

Just before the caller hung up, he told dispatchers that it was a hoax.

The man will face charges once he is located.  If you know anything that can help law enforcement with this case, please reach out to the Belfast Police Department at 207.338.2040.

The truly terrifying thing about this hoax is how it could have ended in true tragedy.  Think about it.  Because the hoaxer said he was still armed, if the interaction between the police on the scene and the (most likely) unsuspecting people who occupied the residence had happened differently, someone could have been injured or killed.

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