A Maine police chief has been placed on administrative leave following a Friday morning incident involving a robbery suspect.

According to a post on the WABI website, at about 10:30 AM, Brewer Police Department Chief Jason Moffit responded to the report of a robbery at Brewer's Walmart.

The article explains that the store's loss prevention staff had detained the suspect.  However, before police could arrive, the suspect pulled a gun and fled into the woods.

Chief Moffit went in pursuit of the suspect and tracked him into some nearby woods.  He was able to catch up to the suspect, but the suspect refused to follow his instructions.  When the suspect appeared to pull a gun, Chief Moffit shot the suspect.

The suspect, who has not been identified, died of his injuries.

Officials say that Chief Moffit has been placed on administrative leave by the City Manager.  The article explains that this is standard protocol in officer-involved shootings.  The Office of the Attorney General will be investigating the use of deadly force.

The article goes on to explain that many people who work and live nearby were shocked by the incident.  According to Harris Smart, who works nearby, things like the shooting incident never happen in that area.

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