Since the Spring of 2020, we have been dealing with an almost non-stop stream of shortages and supply chain issues.  In fact, for some of us, the first indication we got the the pandemic was likely to affect our lives in a big way was the very noticeable lack of toilet paper and paper towels available in stores.

So, the idea of a shortage of common products is something we have become pretty used to.

It looks like many of us could soon be dealing with another shortage.

According to a CNN / WMTW article, a cyber attack is causing issues for Clorox, the makers of those disinfectant wipes and other products.

Back in August, the company detected unauthorized access to some of its computer systems.  It appears that, in an attempt to prevent further access by the intruders, the company temporarily shut down some of its computer systems.  This allowed them to bring the cyber attack under control.

Frank Chamaki / Unsplash
Frank Chamaki / Unsplash

However, shutting down the computer systems prevented the company from operating at full capacity.  As a result, the company is now having issues keeping up with consumer demand for their products.

The article explains that they hope to be back up to full capacity in the near future.

While the company did indicate that there would be shortages on some products, it did not explain which Clorox products would be in short supply.  Some of the products that the company makes include disinfectant wipes bottled bleach, and other cleaning products.

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