Nearly every community in Maine was affected in some way by the storm that rolled through the state on Monday.  Of course, some were affected far worse than others.

The communities along the state’s larger rivers, like the Kennebec River and Androscoggin River, saw the majority of the damage.  Those rivers, swollen by heavy rain and melting snow, flowed over their banks, flooding homes and businesses along the shoreline.

According to many longtime locals, Central Maine has not seen flooding like this since April of 1987.

Dave Dostie Photo
Dave Dostie Photo

When it comes to businesses being damaged, one of the hardest-hit communities was Hallowell.  In some places, the flood waters crossed Hallowell's Water Street, damaging buildings on the side of the street opposite the river.

Because of the extensive damaged, some of these businesses will need to be closed for weeks in order to make the necessary repairs.

As you are probably aware, most service industry workers are hourly employees.  Also, in many cases, they are working for tips.  As a result, these people will not have a paycheck coming in while their employers are closed.

One Central Maine restaurant has stepped up to help them out.  The Ground Round Sports Grille in Hallowell has stepped up to help.  Located at Sparetime Recreation Augusta, the restaurant is offering temporary employment to those who are left without a job because of the storm.

The restaurant’s Facebook post says, in part:

As many restaurant people in downtown Hallowell maybe out of work temporarily we would be happy to help temporarily employ who we can while the businesses rebuild. Understanding you will wish to return to your current employers when that happens.

They are reportedly looking for cooks, dishwashers, servers, and bartenders.  If you are interested, you can reach out to Donna at 207.623.6000.

Thanks to Donna, and the rest of her team, for doing something amazing to help their fellow Central Mainers.

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