I remember being a kid in school and the only times we were allowed to wear hats and hoods inside was when we were having a 'dress-down day', or an in-school fundraiser where you would pay a dollar to the cause and in exchange could wear your ballcap or hood up for the day. Otherwise, the normal dress-code wouldn't allow it.

According to WABI TV 5, this may be changing permanently for one Maine School. A group of students at Maine's Lewiston Middle School did some research on the school's dress-code violations in regards to hats and hoods and they say their findings show that punishments were disproportionately handed out to students of color.

According to Lewiston Superintendent, Jake Langlais

“Hats and hoods can help students feel safe. They can cover a bad hair day, which in middle school can be the worst thing ever. I’m really, really proud of the students. They took the time, they’ve done it right and they provided good information that adults are listening to.”

According to WABI, the proposal is currently being worked on by the school board. If this goes through it would, in theory, allow the students to wear hats, caps and hoods as part of the normal everyday dress code.

We will keep this story updated as we get more updates from the Lewiston School Board.

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