Maine is home to some really amazing people. Not the least of which is our amazing first-responders. And, no surprise here, they've selflessly saved yet another life.

According to WGME 13, deputies from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office were the first ones on scene to a very scary call on Saturday, June 4th, in Raymond.

WGME reports that deputies with the Sheriff's Office responded at nearly 10 PM to the town of Raymond where there were reports of an 11-year-old boy who was choking.

Cumberland County says the first deputy on scene, Christian Stickney, was the first official on scene and noticed the boy flailing his arms around and putting his fingers in his throat.. Additionally, the boy appeared bluish in color to Stickney.

As Deputy Stickney was assisting in the emergency, fellow Cumberland County Sheriff's Deputy, Daniel Place, arrived on the chaotic scene. It was at the time that the 11-year-old's body went completely limp, according to WGME.

After the boy went limp, they immediately began to do CPR on the young boy. The CPR, thankfully, was effective and they were able to get the young man semi-conscious again.

At this time, WGME reports that a third Cumberland County Sheriff's Deputy, Tyler Leach, arrived on scene. Moments after Leach's arrival, the boy's body went limp again. Deputies resumed CPR as one deputy retrieved a CPR mask from his cruiser.

The deputies were once again able to resuscitate the boy and get his airway cleared. They stayed with the boy as rescue crews arrived on scene and loaded him into an ambulance for transport to the hospital.

WGME reports that the boy is making a full recovery, the deputies will receive a 'life-saving' award, and the boy's parents have asked all the deputies to stop by their home in the near future to introduce themselves to their son that they so heroically saved.

Rescue took much longer than normal to get on scene because they were responding at another call for service at the same time.

Cumberland County Captain, Kerry Joyce told WGME News 13 in part,

“It should be noted that when this call came into the Cumberland County Regional Communication Center, Raymond Rescue was already busy on another call for service and the ability of other Raymond EMS personnel to respond, was limited. Raymond Rescue requested assistance from Casco Rescue and Windham Rescue to assists with this medical call in Raymond".

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