If you have some skills when it comes to singing, you're going to love this!  And, if you know a really good singer, please pass this along to them.

That vocal talent could be worth $10,000!

According to a post on the contest's Facebook page, Central Maine Idol will return for season 2 this spring and summer.

Just like last summer, this vocal competition featured some of the best singers in Maine competing in an "idol" style format.  Each week features a different theme / genre: country, rock, 80s, duets etc.  The plan is to start with 20 contestants and eliminate three each week.  The remaining contests will perform at the finals on Friday, August 5th.

In order to participate you do need to be a resident of Maine who is at least 18 years of age at the time of audition.  There is no upper age limit.  You must also be available for each of the Monday performance rounds and for the finale on August 5th.

If you were selected and competed last year you are still eligible to compete this year.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

The important dates:

  • -Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th.  They will also be held on Saturday, June 4th.
  • -The competition rounds, held on Mondays, will start June 13th
  • -The finals will be held on Friday, August 5th.
Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

Last year, Katie Oberholtzer took the win and took home the $10,000 grand prize!  Will it be you this year?

Get more details from the Facebook page set up for the contest.  Find it HERE

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