Singing competitions have been around for decades.  Of course, when American Idol became a supper massive hit in the summer of 2002, every business and organization decided to hold their own Idol-esque competition.

Of course, this was the case here in Maine, too.  However, Chris Vallee and his team took the concept to a whole 'nother level with Central Maine Idol.

The singing competition which, despite the name, is open to singers from all over Maine (not just Central Maine), is more than just a glorified karaoke contest.  The competition takes place on a big stage on the patio at The Quarry Tap Room in Hallowell.

While the normal rounds are well attended, hundreds of people always show up for the event's finale.  The below image shows just how packed the place gets during the event's final round.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

One of the other things that makes this contest feel larger than life is that, according to the event Facebook page, the grand prize is $10,000!

While it was announced back in March, we are just now starting to get details about the upcoming third season of the competition.

According to the even Facebook page, the audition rounds will be held at The Quarry Tap Room on Friday May 12th, Saturday May 13th, Saturday May 20th, and Sunday May 21st.

We really love the fact that this competition brings out some amazing talent from across the state.  We are really looking forward to seeing the newest group of contestants all bring their "A" game.

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