After months of bargaining and arguments about the state budget, the worst case scenario happened at midnight July1. Maine lawmakers and Governor Lepage failed to reach an agreement, and the Maine State Government has been shut down.

The move leaves thousands of Mainer's out of work, and countless State programs unavailable to provide needed services.

One Maine company has stepped up in a big way to help those impacted by this shutdown.

Maine State Credit Union is offering a 0% APR interest loan up to 2x net bi-weekly pay to all State of Maine Employees.

This is available to all Maine State Employees - members and non-members. This loan is available to people employed directly by the state of Maine, impacted by the current state shut-down and are members of Maine State Credit Union as of June 28, 2017.   Non-members who are direct state employees must join Maine State Credit Union to participate in this program and will be subject to credit checks.

We all hope that this shutdown is over very quickly, but it is nice to know that the Maine State Credit Union is there to help people pay their mortgages, make their car payment, or put food on the table during this difficult time.

More details on these loans can be found here.


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