No word if a black Pontiac Trans Am was involved. If you know, you know.

Do you remember what you went through to get your wedding dress? Of course you do, as every dress has a story. Some are handed down from generation to generation. Others are custom made for a (let's be honest here) ridiculous price. There have also been legit crazy deals found on Craigslist, and other sites. Most of the time, to-be brides work tirelessly to find the perfect dress. After all, it's your wedding day, the day you've dreamed about your entire life.

Then, there are those that just end up on the highway.

According to the Maine State Police's Instagram page, a wedding dress has been found on a the side of a highway. Their post states "Did you lose a wedding dress? This one was found, a little worse for wear, between exits 1 and 2 of Interstate 395 in Bangor on Feb. 29, 2020 around 5 a.m. on the westbound side."

Every dress has a story. This one sounds like it may have a chapter in the Hall of Fame.

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