Sadly, even in a peaceful state like Maine, home break-ins are not uncommon.  Unlike what you see on TV, these break-ins are usually barely noticeable.  The thieves enter the home through an unlocked garage or an open window.  They take a few high value items, like tools or electronics, before slipping out.

In most cases, these thefts involve taking stuff from the home, not actually taking the home itself.

But it appears that is exactly what happened in the Maine town of Limerick.

According to a Facebook post by the Maine State Police, they are looking for the public's help in locating a tiny home that was stolen from Range E Road in Limerick.

The post indicates that the home was stolen sometime between Saturday, November 25, and Tuesday, November 28.  There is speculation that the home may have been taken by a person driving a black SUV that was spotted in the area around the time of the theft.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

If you have any information about the theft, you can reach out to Maine State Police Trooper Kiernan Richards at 207.624.7076 extension 9

In recent years, there has been a tiny home revolution in the United States.  These affordable houses are perfect for single people (or couples who really get along well) who want to live a minimalist lifestyle.

According to, while there is not specific size criteria for a "tiny home", they typically do not exceed 500 square feet.  Normally, they are between 100 and 400 square feet.  One of the really cool things about having a tiny home is that they are super efficient to heat and cool.

Would you ever consider moving into a tiny home?  Let us know by messaging us in our app.

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