According to WMTW, a man charged in the 2017 killing of a woman in Cherryfield is asking that he be allowed to forgo wearing a mask at his trial.

39 year old Carine Reeves has been accused of shooting Sally Shaw, of New Gloucester, and leaving her body on the side of a road in Cherryfield.

His trial is scheduled to begin in late September and, while we do not know what restrictions will be at that time, his lawyer has asked the court to allow him to attend his trial without wearing a mask.

The reason?  Reeves and his lawyer are arguing that wearing a mask could prejudice the jury because, in the past, masks have always been associated with crime and criminals.  Bank robbers, burglars, etc.

They believe making him wear a mask would negate Reeves’ Constitutional right.

Additionally, the lawyer is asking that Reeves not be identified by his nickname, Terror, for similar reasons.

There is no word on when a judge might hand down a ruling on the requests.

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