As we are all painfully aware, times are tough right now. Maine’s tourism industry is seeing massive shortages as the trend has been in recent years, even before COVID. Those that are in the industry are working short-staffed which means (for servers) more tables, more demands, and more tasks to juggle. If you’ve never been a server in a restaurant it’s almost impossible to fully comprehend. It may seem like a straightforward gig, but it’s a lot of work, especially these days.

The Taste of Maine Restaurant in Woolwich is a local icon. They serve up spectacular views with their dishes and even have what they claim to be the world’s biggest lobster roll. The event space upstairs has served many a wedding, prom, and even Maine’s King of Comedy, Bob Marley.

They’re also known for their Sunday brunch and for oftentimes having a giant red lobster tied to the roof.

It’s a tourist destination for many traveling along Route 1 and, at least this weekend, the generosity was big and the pockets were deep.

First, the restaurant posted that server Ashleigh received an extraordinary $800 tip on an $810.79 tab on July 2nd.

Then on the 4th, when many would rather be hanging out with friends and family having a barbecue, server Tiana received a $400 tip on a $648.17 tab.

If you look closely, it appears they were both from the same individual. So, within just two days this person tipped $1,200 for $1,458.96 in food and drinks.

So to the kind man or woman who clearly loves The Taste of Maine and those that work there, thank you for your kindness and for giving back. May you inspire others to do the same.

Most can’t do what this individual did, but what we can do is practice kindness to our servers and maybe once in a while as a special treat, go above and beyond. That may look like an extra $5 or maybe a 100% tip on a $25 meal.

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