Everyone has their go-to meal at a restaurant.

Sometimes when you're dining out, you're looking to try new things or expand your palette. Other times, you're in the mood for comfort foods, or want to stick to what you know. We all have the go-to meal or ingredient in the back of our minds that's sure to hit the spot whenever we feel indecisive.

For yours truly, it's a chicken sandwich. For others, it's a good old-fashioned burger.

Let's be real: burgers are pretty dang awesome. When you're feeling hungry, there's nothing like a beef patty topped with cheese, an assortment of vegetables, and the dressing(s) of your choice, paired with a side of fries. It truly hits the spot. Most of us also have fond memories of warm days feasting on burgers freshly cooked on the grill. It's the pinnacle of an amazing summer.

Most New Hampshire restaurants have multiple burger options on their menu. But which local establishments serve burgers that are among the best of the best? From this writer's perspective, that honor goes to Lexie's and Hop + Grind. Speaking from experience, even if you don't feel hungry when walking through the doors, you'll quickly develop a second stomach when you take that first bite of a burger at either of these joints.

But what other places are praised amongst Granite Staters for having exceptional burgers?  Let's have a look:

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We can't forget the fries, so here's where you can find some of the tastiest ones statewide.

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