Even though winter in Maine cab be beautiful, and the snow can provide us with all kinds of great activities, winter weather can provide us with a lot of problems.  And, dealing with those problems costs big bucks!

Even the smallest municipalities in Maine spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on keeping the roads and parking lots safe during the winter.  This money goes to paying staff, purchasing supplies (sand, road salt, etc), and on maintaining the very expensive equipment that is used for clearing the roads.

Sadly, a Thursday fire at a garage in a small Oxford County town has left that town in a major bind.

According to an article on the WGME website, a fire at the Town of Peru garage has destroyed all of the town's snow removal equipment.  Reportedly, road crews had spent the majority of the day cleaning up from that Wednesday night into Thursday morning storm.  Following a very long day, they returned the vehicles to the garage and locked the doors.  Just a few hours later, the building caught on fire.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Jim Prue, who lives the near town garage, told WGME that he saw a light outside his window.  Looking out, he could see that the building was fully engulfed and that there were flames about fifty feet high.

When it was all over, the building was destroyed and so were the town's four plow trucks.

The investigation into the fire continues, but it appears that it may have started near the building's furnace.

The equipment was insured, and a claim has been filed, but it is going to take time to obtain more plows.  Town of Peru officials are asking anyone with an extra plow that they could let the town use to reach out.  Get all the details about contacting the town HERE

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