Early on Saturday morning, we started hearing from meteorologists that some parts of Maine and New Hampshire could see some crazy weather over the weekend.  As is often the case, the mixing of hot (steamy) air with cooler air was expected to create severe thunderstorms on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening.

While the total number of these crazy storms varies year to year, depending on how warm / cool it is, we can generally expect at least one of these storms every couple of weeks throughout the late spring and summer months.

While much of the state, including the Augusta / Waterville area, avoided getting slammed by this craziness, it looks like parts of Western Maine got hit hard with MASSIVE hail.  Some of these hailstones were the size of GOLF BALLS!

kDrouin18 on TikTok
kDrouin18 on TikTok

It appears that the severe storms, complete with wind and hail, blew through between 6 and 8 PM on Sunday.

Check out these videos of the wild weather - NOTE that some of these videos are NSFW:

You can see more pictures on the News Center Maine website.

According to Wikipedia, hail is described as being a form of solid precipitation that is normally between 5 millimeters and 15 centimeters in size.  While other forms of frozen precipitation, like sleet and snow, are more likely to form in the cold temperatures, hail is more likely to form in slightly warmer temps.

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