Without a doubt, one of the most American forms of entertainment that doesn't involve explosives is the monster truck show.

There is nothing like watching oversized vehicles supported by tires taller than a man, rolling over cars and other obstacles.  It's more than just seeing it, though.  It's an experience for all the senses.  The smell of the gasoline, the roar of the motors, and the feeling of your heart pounding in your chest.

Okay, so maybe there's nothing to taste.  We managed to cover four of the five senses, though.

It looks like one of the most exciting monster truck tours will be returning to Maine this spring.


The Renegade Monster Truck Tour

If you had a chance to see this show the last time they were in Maine, you know that tickets to the event are worth every penny.

There'll be three big shows at the Topsham Fairgrounds.  The weekend will kick off with a 7:00 PM show on Friday, May 31.  There will be a Saturday, June 1 afternoon show at 12:30 PM, and a Saturday night show at 7:00 PM.

The Facebook event post says, in part:

Each Renegade Monster Truck Tour event is sure to leave you in awe as the mechanical marvels you will watch, compete for points and bragging rights! The Renegade Monster Trucks will complete a series of challenging and exciting competitions in a 12,000lb Monster Truck that is powered by a 1,500hp blown-alcohol motor that turns 66" tall tires!


If you want to treat your kids or significant other to more than just the show, they have an epic ticket add-on.  With the VIP pass, you get access to the party in the pit, have a chance to meet the drivers, and even take a ride in one of the trucks.

Get more details and tickets HERE.

What events are you looking forward to this spring and summer?

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