I have noticed a few teasers for my favorite TV shows, and I am delighted.  

Here is the link from TheWrap.com to the fall season and how it has already rolled out and is continuing to roll out as we make our way through the fall of 2020.

I don’t have as many shows on my ‘must-watch’ list, and this fall, I may branch out to watch some new-to-me shows or revisit some shows that fell out of my rotation.

What I am happy to read is NBC’s 'Superstore' will be back on October 29th. CBS’s 'Young Sheldon' will be new for November 5th. 'Grey’s Anatomy' will be back on ABC on November 12th. The next two are non-network shows. We have SO many options now for how we get entertainment. 

So…on November 15th is the return of 'The Crown' on Netflix.  

Last on my list is one I did not know I needed to see until I saw it on the list from TheWrap.com, and that is a remake of 'The Stand' from Stephen King. 'The Stand' is about a global pandemic with a flu that kills almost all the world’s population. So...maybe you don't want to watch it. 

The big one for missing for me is Survivor. Oh, CBS…I need some new Survivor. I have been re-watching the past seasons, but I want some new stuff. See, we are not getting any Survivor until 2021! Here is the deal…there are travel restrictions to Fiji. I mean, it is relatively easy to create a ‘bubble’ around the show, but if they can’t get to their islands to film…what ya going to do?

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