If you love spending time outdoors, Northern New England really is an amazing playground.  We've got outdoor activities in all four seasons.  This is especially true during the winter.  You can ski, snowboard, snowmobile, snow tube, snowshoe, have a snowball fight, and more.

With all of the winter fun the state has to offer, it should come as no surprise that a lot of people were really anxious for us to get a real taste of winter.  Ya' know, colder temperatures and snow enough to hit the trails, hills, or slopes.

However, I don't think those people all expected us to get the whole winter jammed into ONE WEEK!

Yeah, we had a storm on Friday, we had an even bigger storm on Sunday into Monday, and we have an equally large one rolling through the state tonight into tomorrow (Wednesday into Thursday).


The Warning

According to WMTW, the National Weather Service is not messing around with this storm.  There is a WINTER STORM WARNING for pretty much the entire state of Maine and much of the State of New Hampshire.

However, because of the warmer temperatures, the coast of Maine and part of the coast of New Hampshire has been put under a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY.

While the duration of the warnings and advisories will vary depending on where you are, in Central Maine, the National Weather Service has the warning in effect from 7 PM on Wednesday through 3 PM on Thursday.


How Much Snow?

The storm is supposed to start as snow in the afternoon and early evening.  It will change over to freezing rain as we near morning.  In some places, it will change over to rain completely.

Based on what WMTW is saying, much of southern, western, and central Maine could see as much as a foot of snow from the storm.  The snowfall total does drop as you near the warmer temperatures of the coast, of course.


The fact that we're going to get freezing rain in the overnight hours means that we could see some really slick roads on Thursday morning.

Use your best judgement about whether or not to travel and be safe.  Allow extra time to get where you are going and watch out for each other.

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