After many ups and downs with Moviepass raising the prices, limiting what movies you can see, changing the price again, and then refusing to allow you to see the biggest movies of the summer, they have come to what many hope to be a final business plan.

$10/month gets you 3 movies. That is the new business plan for MoviePass and it seems like it is something they're sticking with. It is very similar to the deal you get with AMC theaters subscription service.

Now they are also offering reduced ticket pricing through their service if you wish to see more than the allotted 3. There are still some kinks that they need to get through, rumors say that you only get the new deals if you sign up for a new subscription while the old subscribers are stuck to the old rules.

This new system will take place on August 15, and it will be interesting to see what happens when it does. We will keep you up to date on what happens as it becomes available.

You can read for yourself all the new deals MoviePass will implement, here.

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