Even though, these days, there are so many options for seeing a movie, there is something special about seeing a movie at the theater.  The screen is bigger, the sound is better, and you get to enjoy the movie with other people.  Even though you are not going to be having a conversation with the people sitting next to you, there is something cool about it being a shared experience.

Of course, many people never see movies at the theater.  Instead, they wait to see the movies they want to see when they hit the streaming services or blue-ray.  Why?  Going to the theater for a lot of people is just too expensive.  Assuming you are going to get snacks, the average family of four can expect to shell out close to $100 to see a movie.

At most theaters, depending on when you go, the tickets alone can cost you more than  $10!

Except this Sunday!

Jonatan Moerman / Unsplash
Jonatan Moerman / Unsplash

In an effort to get people back into the movie theaters, many local theaters and theater chains are participating in National Cinema Day.

The annual event is coming up on Sunday, August 27th.  During the event, all tickets at participating theaters will be $4.  And, this price is for the current movies in theaters, not older movies or second run movies.  You'll be able to see Blue Beetle, Gran Turismo, the new TMNT, Oppenheimer, and more for just four dollars.

In Maine, Flagship Cinemas and Regal Cinemas.  Other theaters and theater chains may be participating.  If you have questions, reach out directly to the theater.

Get more details about the event from Screen Crush

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