If you are a fan of the summer heat, you are going to love the weather that the state will be getting later this week.  The week will start off nice, but get warmer as the week goes on.

The weather for Memorial Day will be very appropriate for late spring in Maine.  Most sunny skies with a high of around 73.

At this point, it looks like Tuesday will be very similar, but it starts to get much warmer on Wednesday.

According to Weather.com, at this time, it looks like Wednesday will be mostly sunny with a high of around 81 degrees.

Thursday is going to be the hot one, though.  Sunny with a high of around 93 degrees.  However, depending on where you are and what you are doing, it could feel a whole lot hotter than the low 90s.

The relative humidity level plays a lot into this.  Typically, a relative humidity of over 50% is considered to be uncomfortable.  At the time of the writing of this the relative humidity for Thursday is predicted to be about 43%.

On Friday, the temp will drop back to a high in the low 80s with some showers.  After that, we'll see a slew of days with a high in the mid-70s.

Clearly, if you need to be out in the heat you need to take necessary precautions.  Stay hydrated (beer does not count - we already asked the experts), wear sunblock, and if you start to feel ill, find a cool place to rest.  Also, please keep an eye on our older people and our small children.

Summer In Maine

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