I can't be the only one who remembers their first Moxie. To date myself, this was long before it became the official soft drink of Maine. A vivid memory, right down to the road we were on, and what we had been doing that day. (rt 202 coming back from Concord, NH visiting relatives) My dad had picked up a bottle at the store, and my mother had made a stink about bringing "that cough medicine" into the car. So, being 8, of COURSE I had to try it. Honestly, I pretended to like the stuff, and fought a nose turn. Half wanting to gross out mom, and half make my old man proud.

Anyway, it wasn't my last. Moxie is a constant in the fridge, with multiple visits to the Moxie Festival. There are a few sub-rules to Moxie consumption. No, Diet Moxie isn't the same, or a suitable substitute. Secondly, whatever they marketed as an energy drink doesn't even taste like Moxie. Maybe I'm hard core, but gimme the real deal!

Sadly, "Mr. Moxie," the man who helped invent and popularize the Moxie Festival passed away at the age of 77. The Portland Press Herald ran a nice article on Frank Anicetti. Pop a top, and read it here.

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