Unfortunately, you read that headline correctly. This all men's cuddling group was formed to combat 'toxic masculinity'. Maybe I'm just old fashioned (and that's okay because it's normal for people to have opinions different than yours), but this just seems totally weird to me. To be fair, I think it would be weird if this were an all women's cuddling group. The thought that we have to get together and snuggle away our life issues is just insane to me. Get a cat.

Secondly, I am so sick of the mainstream virtually criminalizing men for being men. There are gender stereotypes, there are gender roles- it's just a fact. Not everybody fits into those norms or follows along with them- and that's okay. I just come from a place where being a man is something to be proud of. We don't need to get together and snuggle away our douche baggery.

There are some men who are crappy humans, and there are some women who are crappy humans. But to virtually give an entire gender the label of 'toxic' is irresponsible and divisive.

Now please excuse me, I need to go drink a beer and do a burnout.

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