One of Netflix' most successful original series is "Stranger Things". The show follows a group of kids as they deal with their friend going missing, the arrival of a girl with powers, an alternate universe, and it's all set in the 1980s.

Season 3 is going to be released on July 4th and Netflix wanted to up their marketing game. They teamed up with Coca-Cola to bring back "New Coke".

Now I was born in 1990 so I didn't know about the New Coke fiasco. Apparently, in the mid-80s, Pepsi was gaining in popularity and Coke was afraid of being left behind so they reformulated their recipe, releasing New Coke. Well, people HATED IT. Coke fans stockpiled the old formula, people wrote angry letters and boycotted the new formula. Keep in mind, this was before social media so this was a very grassroots effort. New Coke didn't even last 3 months and it was pulled from the shelves and replaced by the original formula under the name Coca-Cola Classic, as we know today.

Buzz remembers the fiasco and that New Coke was sweeter like Pepsi. Quinn and I being 90s babies were curious. So I jumped on the limited release of "Stranger Things New Coke" and we decided to do a blind taste test. One of us was able to identify which was Coke Classic, New Coke, and Pepsi, but who was it? Also, in true "Stranger Things" form, our camera glitched partway through filming. Watch the full video below to see all the shenanigans. Just watch out for the Demogorgon!

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