Several years ago, Kim and Clark Phinney had a café in Winthrop.  As their catering business took off, they made the decision to close their Main Street café.

After running a successful catering and bar service business for years, they’re taking a step in a different direction.

Later this summer, they’ll open Lilac On The River, a small café in Augusta’s Waterfront Park.

Their plan is to serve coffee drinks, specialty beverages, ice cream treats (including the Portland Sea Dog’s Sea Biscuits), crepes, sandwiches, and more.

They plan to have outside tables, you customers can enjoy a beverage or treat while they watch the mighty Kennebec River flow past.

Eventually, they plan to sell pre-made meals.  Basically, you’d be able to leave work, swing down to the waterfront, grab a meal, take it home, heat it up, and enjoy.  Super convenient!

Right now, their plan is to open on August 13th.

Of course, we wish them all the best with this new endeavor, and can’t wait to become frequent customers.

Why did they choose the name Lilac?  Their website tells the story:

It's all about family. When we first got married Clark's father gifted a small graft from an old lilac tree in their backyard to Kim's father who planted it in his backyard. One tree, two homes - just like the new marriage between their respective children. Move forward through the years and we have always had lilac trees in our yard wherever we have lived, either planted new or assumed and nursed to better health. Lilac's are a part of our family and as a family owned and operated business, what better symbol to show our commitment to making your special event and dream days come true

Get more details from their website and Facebook page.

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