Doesn't it kind of feel like we have been talking about Auburn getting a Target store for years?  Actually, it has been years!

It was back in December of 2020 that we first learned that Target was going to be going into the old Auburn K-Mart location.  Then, in September of 2021, we got word we were going to have to wait a while longer for the new retail store.

The reason for the delay was the length of time that K-Mart held on to the old location and the amount of work that was going to be needed to renovate the store.

At the time, an article in the Lewiston Sun Journal said that K-Mart held the property until early summer.  After they gave up the space, Target started a nearly $10 million renovation and addition to the space.  That addition adds nearly 2,000 square feet to the building, bringing the usable space to over 110,000 square feet.

Finally, the wait is ALMOST over!

According to WMTW, the new store, which is located on Center Street, will open on Sunday, November 6th.

Currently, the store is hiring.  If you would like more information about openings, click HERE.

Based on the available positions, it looks like the store will, at the very least, have a Starbucks inside.

The new store will be joining other Maine Targets in Augusta, Bangor, Biddeford, South Portland and Topsham.

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