An artist's third record is usually where they get to make their first real statement.The first album is either heavy handed by the record label or, something they took their pre fame life to make. If that one takes off, they are rushed into the studio to capitalize on the success. Many times, the second record sticks with the first's formula. By the third, they've had time to breathe, and say "who am I?" "What do I want to do next?" In Brett Eldredge's case, he takes the leapNot only is it (likely for this reason) self titled, he co-wrote every one of the 12 tracks.

The first single from his third proper record (Glow was a holiday release) goes head first into the rat pack aspirations hinted on the first two. "Something I'm Good At" has a Sinatra-like charm to it, straight down to its tongue in cheek looseness. Opener "Love Someone" fits in with much of the formula that worked on his first two records. "Superhero" veers onto the same electronic influenced road as the Keith Urban's The Fighter before it starts to resemble a rock song. It's one of the best on the album.

Most of the songs deal with love and relationships, but Brett takes a different role on "Brother." Here, he hugs it out with a long time guy friend. Album closer "Castaway" is about as far from the Zac Brown Band song of the same name as it could be. It's one of his most poignant songs to date, and a statement by an artist who's had success, taken time to breathe, and deliver his next step.

Key Tracks: "Something I'm Good At," "Castaway", "Superhero."

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