One of the great things about living in Maine is that we have family-friendly outdoor activities in all four seasons.  During the warmer months, we have biking, hiking, camping, swimming, and ATVing.  During the winter months, you can go snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and tubing.

Over the last decade, tubing has become one of the most popular family activities.  Maine is blessed with several great tubing parks, but many families would say the most exciting is Windham's Seacoast Adventure Park.  Why?  In addition to being one of the largest tubing parks in New England, the park also offers the thrill of tubing under the lights.

Picture it: you and your family zipping down a tubing hill, lit up by nightclub-style lights.  The entire park is filled with the perfect soundtrack of high-energy top 40 music.

Check out a video of what the experience is like HERE

Kostiantyn Li / Unsplash
Kostiantyn Li / Unsplash

One of the things that sets them apart from many other tubing parks is their ability to make snow.  They never have to wait for natural snow.  As long as the weather stays cold, the park will always have enough snow for tubing.

According to the Seacoast Adventure Park Facebook page, they recently started the process of making snow.  At this point, they have not confirmed when they are going to be opening the tubing park.  Their hope is that they will be able to open during the Christmas vacation week.

It is also important to note that they have not confirmed that they will be bringing back night tubing.  However, considering how popular night tubing has been over the last few years, we can assume that they will be doing it again this year.

Located on Route 302 in Windham, the park features both summer and winter activities.  During the summer months, they have go-karts, mini-golf, a sky swing, and a small water park called Shipwreck Cove.  In the winter, they have one of the biggest tubing parks in New England.

Learn more about the park on their website.

Looking for a tubing spot a little closer to you?  Check out Lost Valley in Auburn or the Camden Snow Bowl.  If you're in Western Maine, you can always hop across the Maine/New Hampshire border to visit Cranmore Mountain Resort.

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