Nikki Hunt stopped into the B98.5 studio this morning because she will be performing at our Kidabaloo 2016 event this Sunday. She attempted to teach me and my co-host for the week Erica Bush to hula hoop, bad idea.

Nikki will be doing hula hoop demos and teaching some basic skills. When at Kidabaloo, make sure you stop and watch as Nikki is amazing!

This morning on the Morning Buzz, Erica and I tried to learn in the studio, which was too small, but I’m not sure if we had enough room we would have been able to do it. Neither one of us could hula hoop when we were kids, so thinking, as adult we could do it, is a stretch.

Nikki said during Kidabaloo she was going to teach us some basics so we too can hoop. We may be able to because there will be more room at the Augusta Civic Center. Here’s hoping we will be hooping.

We took video in studio of Nikki trying to teach us, watch this if you dare because we didn’t do very well.



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