It's inevitable. The longer you're with someone, the more you'll finish each other's sentences, adopt each other's mannerisms, and other forms of your own little world. Recently, mine came in the form of an all caps text.

After dealing with an afternoon of frustration, communication went beyond the random vent or complaint. This was even beyond the point where you (usually stupidly) offer a solution to the problem. "I WANT DQ!"Well, what's a guy who's felt half guilty for taking the afternoon off and clean his car to do? Well, of course, ease the burden of a long Sunday doing someone else's work by setting up a fresh new Blizzard upon arriving home. Disclosure: I am not an ice cream person. Nothing against it, just don't possess a sweet tooth. My experience in handling them leaves little to be desired, as you'll find out.

After picking up at the local DQ, I noticed it was already starting to melt. Then, I took a quick glance at my temp gauge, which read 51 degrees. Logically, the outside was much colder than the interior, right? Plus, I wasn't going to allow ice cream to drip all over the car I just finished cleaning. So, it made perfect sense for me to drive 3 miles home with the right hand on the wheel, and the other holding the ice cream out the window where it would slow in melting. Perfect execution!


Resized_IMG_20170507_200430_433 (1)

Not only did it run all down my arm, but yes...all over the left side of the car. Half of the ice cream made it to the freezer, creating an ultimately real glass half full/empty metaphor. Half full, she was happy, and I scored a few points. Half empty, that the car required another cleaning, and my plan was flawed. Lesson learned: Keep a gallon of ice cream in the freezer!

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