Who doesn't love scented candles? They can make any space smell welcoming -- maybe like some yummy cookies baking ... or like a relaxing beach. Or how about lavender scents -- those are great for sleeping. Right?

Now, if you want your home, bedroom or any space to smell like a McDonald's Quarter Pounder, here's your chance: Introducing McDonald's scented candles.

There's a catch ... not any of them smell like a Quarter Pounder with cheese. You actually need to burn them together to get that "real" Quarter Pounder scent -- beef, pickles, ketchup, cheese, bun and onion. If you burned one at a time, that might be interesting.

And that's not all they have... marking the burger's near 50th anniversary will be some other gift type items.

Interested? You can actually pre-order those items. You know, to each their own. You do you.

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