So by now, you have probably willingly or unwillingly heard Old Town Road by Lil Nas X or the remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. It reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

How did the song get so big? According to Thrillist, it's "a complicated story about a tech-savvy, meme-aware artist gaming the complicated modern streaming music ecosystem."

If you use the app Tik Tok and search "Yee Haw Challenge" you'll find thousands of videos featuring the song. The basic premise of the video is you start out in your normal style and when the beat drops in the song you're suddenly a cowboy stereotype.

Old Town Road is being debated on what genre it is. Is it hip hop? Country? Some say it's a league of it's own, Country Trap.

This got me thinking, I remember a simpler time. A time after Big & Rich's 'Save a Horse' made it big.

I remember Hick-Hop.

I shared this on Twitter and received a surprising response.


None other than the Hick-Hop man himself, Cowboy Troy! I was stoked to see that he's still making music and that he followed me on Twitter. Get ready for some really unimpressive commentary, Cowboy.

He shared with me some of his new music! Be sure to check it out!

Take that Trap Country! #HickHopForever

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