Nearly all of us have, at least once or twice, dreamed of being a famous actor or actress.  We'd spend our days hanging out by the pool at our multi-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, flying to exotic locations on our private jet, or cruising the Mediterranean on our mega yacht.

That would be the life, right?

But, none of us will ever do that, right?

Actually, for one teen, fame like that could be just months away.


The search for a new Karate Kid

One of the most iconic movies of the 1980s was The Karate Kid.  It was so popular is spawned a sequel, Nintendo video game, spinoff movies, and a very popular Netflix TV series.

Now, it looks like we are getting another Karate Kid.  According to Screen Crush, this new movie will star Ralph Macchio (Daniel from the original movie) and martial arts superstar Jackie Chan.  The movie is slated to come out on December 13, 2024.

Here's the really cool part. There is a nationwide search for a new karate kid.  Yes, a kid from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or one of the other New England states could end up being the next karate kid.


What are they looking for in the next Karate Kid?

According to the Karate Kid Casting website, Sony Pictures is looking for someone fairly specific to play the part.

It sounds as though the new karate kid will be named Li Fong.  He is between the ages of 15 and 17 (or looks like he is), and is Chinese or mixed-race Chinese.  The person needs to be fluent in English, but being able to speak Mandarin would be a help.  The producers are also hoping the actor is already into martial arts, gymnastics, and/or dancing.

If it sounds like a role you or one of your kids would be perfect for, you can email a bio and recent photo to

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