Summer is in full force and with summer comes road construction. Modern day tolling is sweeping over Northern New England. The usual way of searching for a few extra quarters on the floor of your car is changing. Now, when you pass through a toll, the modern technology allows for motorists to continue at their regular speed instead of slowing to pay with cash. This is done with an electronic camera system that recognizes the vehicles passing through and money is taken directly from the account linked to each specific vehicle. Without an E-ZPass, vehicles can still pass through and the system will read the license plate and a bill will be mailed to the person the vehicle is registered under.

There are two new kinds of tolling: Open-Road Tolling and All-Electronic Tolling.

Open-Road involves having cash booths set aside with full speed highway lanes separately accessible for those with E-ZPasses. All-Electric would get rid of cash booths completely. According to officials have decided All-Electronic is currently not practical for Maine drivers.


-Less traffic congestion from every car stopping at the booth.

-Allows for vehicles to continue at regular highway speeds, thereby reducing accidents and vehicle emissions.

Exit 52 in Falmouth is under construction to be converted to Open-Road Tolling and estimated completion is this time next year, while the West Gardiner exit should be converted by late September of this year.

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Scott Barbour, Getty Images
Scott Barbour, Getty Images

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