We’re not even in the thick of awards season yet, but this year has already given us several obvious contenders, including the wildly beloved social horror thriller Get Out and imminent releases like Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Call Me By Your Name. But there are many more films and performances that will inevitably be overlooked come ceremony time; films that didn’t exactly ignite the box office, and performances that, while maybe not worthy of gold in the eyes of the Academy, are no less deserving of our acclaim — and time.

So consider this your warning (or a helpful viewer’s guide if you don’t want to be so negative about it). Below, the ScreenCrush editors have chosen some of their favorite movies and performances from 2017 from the first ten months of the year, ranging from smaller indie releases to blockbuster spectacles and everything else in between. These films and actors may not receive a trophy in the coming months (in fact, we’re confident they won’t, which is why we wrote the list), but they still deserve recognition for their cinematic accomplishments. In no particular order, they are:

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