56 year old Phelan Moonsong, a pagan priest from Millinocket, Maine has won the right to wear goat horns in his Maine I.D. photo.

According to Moonsong if he’s not wearing his favorite pair of goat horns, the Pagan priest might as well be naked. It’s been that way since he first laid eyes on the horns at a Pagan men’s group gathering in 2009. A friend whose goat had recently died offered the horns to group members.

Moonsong says has become very attached to the horns as they have become part of his religious attire and spirituality. When he tried to explain to Bureau of Motor Vehicles ‘Priest of Pan’, one who considers the horns his ‘spiritual antenna’ they were not moved. They told him that the horns would have to be approved by Maine’s secretary of state.

A spokeswoman for the Maine secretary of state said Moonsong had not mentioned that the horns were religious in nature during his initial BMV visit. Though he doesn’t drive, Moonsong will finally be able to use his ID to board a plane to California, where some of the best Pagan festivals are found.