The Goats need your help! As we're getting closer to Christmas, make sure to save your tree because the goats need to eat! Let's keep the giving spirit alive even after the Christmas season is over and help these adorable little animals!

According to Timber Creek Farm, goats can eat most Christmas trees! The White pine,  Scotch pine, Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, and the Blue Spruce are all common trees that goats can ingest.

You'll be giving to even more than just the providing holiday ambiance in your home because that $30 to $200 that you used to purchase the Christmas tree will now also go to feeding animals. Instead of throwing it behind your house, recycle this tree to the tummy's of goats instead!

Make sure to remove all of the tinsel, ornaments, or leftover lights to make sure the goats aren't ingesting anything abnormal.

If you don't want to stop giving after Christmas is over, here is an easy way to keep on spreading the love. In order to donate your tree, when Christmas is over, and you're done with your tree, feel free to drop it at 124 Neck Rd, Litchfield!

Undecorated trees can be left at any time, by the driveway or, next to the barn.

Anne from Iron Leaf Farm pointed out that pine needles provide trace nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and forage to goats in addition to being natural dewormers!

The goats will strip the tree of both needles and bark!

If you want to visit with the goats and enjoy some hot cocoa by the fire please join them for their 5th annual Tree Drop on Saturday, January 1st between Noon and 4 pm!

Make sure to also stop by Iron Leaf Farms Facebook Page, to check out what they're up to!

The Iron Leaf Goats Want your Trees After the Holidays!

The Iron Leaf Goats Want your Trees After the Holidays

In order to get a sense of who these goats are that you will be donating your tree to, I attached a photo gallery of these cuties below!

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