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The Finer Points Of Owning A Wood Stove
Few things offer more comfort this time of year than a wood stove. Not only as a heat source but simply the nuance of prepping, starting, and maintaining a wood stove fire. I genuinely enjoy having a few wood stoves.
My wife loves the wood stove as well but she is basically challenged to get it going…
Moxie Festival Cancelled... Again!
Due to the ongoing pandemic, for the second year in a row, the Moxie Festival has been cancelled.
According to News Center Maine, earlier this week, the Lisbon town council voted 5-1 to cancel the summer festival, which celebrates all things moxie...
BIW is Constructing a Massive New Employee Break Room
According to the Kennebec Journal, a new and quite massive three-story structure is being built at Bath Iron Works shipyard in Bath, Maine.
The building will be a total size of 21,050 square feet, though not all of that will be dedicated to the employee break room...

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