While many feel that the brand Pabst Blue Ribbon is a bit old school, it is certainly hip enough to jump on two big trends, cannabis and seltzer.

It's taken 176 years but Pabst has announced a new non-alcoholic beverage, Cannabis-Infused Seltzer. According to their instagram post

“Introducing a different kind of buzz – Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Infused Seltzer with a twist of lemon, brought to you by our friends @PabstLabs.”

With Maine set to roll out Legal Recreational Marijuana tomorrow (10/9/20) there could not be a better time to embrace all the possibilities. So far there are 11 states plus D.C. who have voted for, and passed recreational marijuana use for adults over 21. As for Medical Marijuana it jumps to 33 states, plus D.C. Washington, D.C. and even four territories.

It's an interesting twist, pun intended, for PBR as it gets rid of the alcohol and instead adds THC in for the buzz. How is this possible you may ask. Pot isn't a legal national thing yet, only on state levels. So even thought it says "Pabst Blue Ribbon" on the can, it actually is produced by a newly-founded, cannabis-focused entity called Pabst Labs.

According to an article by Food & Wine magazine, who reached out to senior brand manager for PBR, Seamus Gallgher;

“Until the legal landscape changes, we can’t produce this in-house, but the formation of Pabst Labs, a licensed cannabis operator, involving former Pabst Blue Ribbon employees and cannabis beverage experts, gave us a unique chance to grant the use of our brand to a cannabis savvy group that we could trust to develop an infused drink worthy of the Blue Ribbon,”

So, it is Pabst Labs that is handling production, marketing, and sales of the new drink. Currently, that is only in California but expect that to expand.

CLICK HERE to check out their website and find out about availability.

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